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GenAI unleashed: the future of risk and compliance in FS

In this webcast, panelists will explore how financial services institutions can leverage GenAI technology to enhance compliance and manage risks.

Join us for an insightful webcast on the transformative impact of GenAI in the realm of risk and compliance for financial services organizations. We will explore cutting-edge applications of GenAI leading to a more insightful and automated management of risk, controls, regulatory compliance and more, creating opportunities to drive significant improvement in efficiency. However, GenAI does come with some challenges. Barriers to implementation exist and will need to be managed thoughtfully in this journey. Our speakers will address these opportunities and challenges, guided by EY professionals.

During this webcast, panelists will discuss the following focus areas of GenAI adoption in financial services risk and compliance:

  • Identifying the core capabilities and real-world examples of applying GenAI to manage risk and improve compliance
  • Envisioning a secure Gen AI data and technology ecosystem and describing what it may look like 
  • Determining strategies to employ while prioritizing GenAI projects
  • Realizing and measuring value from GenAI-enabled processes vs. manual ones, and discussing the accuracy of the models

Financial services executives will leave this session with tangible outcomes on how to start embedding GenAI within the risk management lifecycle. This session is designed for financial services risk and compliance executives aiming to harness the power of AI (including GenAI) to turn challenges into opportunities, being a partner to the business to enable growth and other strategic goals, and positioning their institutions at the forefront of financial innovation and security.


  • Amy Gennarini, Americas Consulting and Financial Services Risk Technology Leader, Ernst & Young LLP


  • Vasant Balasubramanian, Vice President and GM, Risk and ESG, ServiceNow
  • Adam Girling, Financial Services Risk Management Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Mudit Gupta, Financial Services AI & Data Risk Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Alejandro Latorre, Americas Financial Services Risk and Regulatory Leader, Ernst & Young LLP


CPE credits: 1.2


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