How to build synergy in corporate real estate data coordination

In this webcast, learn how the EY organization ,IBM TRIRIGA technology and Kode Labs platform collaborate to optimize real estate efficiency, innovation and sustainability using real-time data and predictive analytics.

Welcome to the revolution in real estate technology, combining efficiency, sustainability and innovation within Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). Our webinar will outline the integration of IBM TRIRIGA technology and Kode Labs' smart building platform with the help and experience of the EY-IBM Alliance leaders to form an immersive ecosystem for superior estate management.

Leveraging real-time data collection and predictive analysis, this integration automates processes for enhanced IWMS and smart building experiences, driving dramatic changes in corporate real estate. The result is a strategic utilization of space, energy efficiency, and a thriving workspace – a cohesive, transformative and sustainable approach elevating the future of corporate real estate.

Topics discussed include:

  • Understanding the state of corporate real estate data 
  • Benefits of coordinated data in corporate real estate
  • Effective data integration strategies
  • Leveraging coordinated data for enhanced decision-making
  • Overcoming challenges in coordinating building data
  • Implementing an integrated data system


Total duration: 60 minutes


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