Government policies impact every individual and business. Being consistently engaged with US policy makers allows our clients the opportunity to be part of the legislative and regulatory process.

Bob Schellhas

Principal, Ernst & Young LLP, Washington Council

Federal government affairs consulting practice. Believes it’s important to “remember where you come from” and give back to our communities.

Bob provides US government monitoring, strategy and lobbying services to corporations, trade associations and single-issue coalition groups. He is highly experienced in the legislative and political process, and has focused on a wide range of issues, including banking, insurance, retirement and tax.

Bob was previously head of federal government affairs at a diversified global financial services firm. He was also co-head of federal government relations at the premier life insurance trade association.

Bob has extensive experience on Capitol Hill and political campaigns. He served as a lead staffer and campaign manager to several US Congressional leaders.

Bob was co-editor of The New York Times and The Washington Post best seller, Contract with America: The Bold Plan by Reps. Gingrich, Armey and House Republicans to Change the Nation.

Bob has a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Economics from Central Michigan University.

How Bob is building a better working world

Bob believes the government and private sector must work closely together to solve problems facing the US and the world. He is proud of his role in bringing business leaders and elected officials together to offer each other insights into their respective roles and responsibilities.

Bob has funded and built a program for college students to experience different aspects of government in Washington, DC. He regularly mentors Capitol Hill interns and people in the early part of their government careers.

Bob established a college scholarship program in his hometown to honor the memory of his father and help students interested in politics and government.

Following successful surgery to remove a benign brain tumor, Bob began giving generously to fund research on Glioblastoma tumors, which are the most aggressive cancer that begins within the brain.

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