Digital disruption, access to data and the need to ‘do more with less’ in today’s tax function are reasons why we must deliver a holistic and comprehensive solution to clients.

Lori Soderholm-Weber

EY Global Thomson Reuters Alliance Relationship Director

Problem solver. Data hunter for strategic market planning and execution. Enjoys hiking in the mountains and family visits to Chicago and Switzerland.

As the Alliance Manager for Thomson Reuters, Lori helps manage the alliance relationship, defining and executing go-to-market strategies across geographies, accounts and sectors through the implementation of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE product suites.

Having been with EY for eight years in tax markets and business development, she started in the FSO region and then America’s tax markets, focusing on all sectors. She has developed and deployed GTM initiatives, streamlined processes and managed activities by connecting sectors across regions and competencies to help clients to understand the rapidly changing market place. In addition, she has extensive experience in project management, market research and sales.

Lori earned a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Business from Illinois State University.

How Lori is building a better working world

“Every industry is facing its own unique challenges in today’s global economy.  Whether it’s changing consumer buying patterns in retail, the impact of an aging population in health care, or increasing automation in manufacturing – understanding our client’s industry is a critical factor for their success. 

I evaluate, question and analyze unique industry data and trends in conjunction with our alliance relationships, equipping our professionals with the information they need to provide efficient and effective services and solutions to clients. 

Knowing what’s important to clients is important to me. I help EY as well as tax leaders in every industry to prepare for and meet those challenges head-on.”

Lori's latest thinking

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