Cloud risk view dash board

Create clarity out of a complex cloud environment 

Gain real time access to a comprehensive view of controls performance and risk postures across multiple public cloud platforms.

Accelerate risk identification and remediation

Transition away from manual point-in-time monitoring to real time automated alerts, so you can thoroughly assess, track, remediate and report cloud risk exposure.

Navigate faster through risk

Integrate with organizational policy and risk frameworks aligned with industry-leading practices and regulatory expectations to monitor, manage and mitigate cloud risk.

Cloud risk view alerts
Cloud risk view all controls

Focus on what matters the most

Leverage the power of data and intelligence to get direct insight into your controls landscape and prioritize critical cloud risks.

Additional capabilities

  • Snapshot controls audit: Conducts point-in-time control assessments across your public cloud landscape, driving efficiencies and instilling consistency in recurring reviews for public cloud controls.
  • Cloud controls enforcement: The preventative controls enforcement feature allows you to avoid compliance drift of system-level controls and configurations across your cloud service providers.
  • Continuous risk compliance: Monitors controls-as-code to generate risk views and identify trends of controls performance that are aligned with your organization’s risk and controls requirements.


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We encourage safe adoption of public cloud services and enable risk practitioners to minimize costs, heighten efficiencies, and monitor cloud operations under a single lens.
Fredric Cibelli, EY LLP US

EY LLP US Principal, Consulting Services