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Technical Line - Reminders on reporting and filer status considerations for SEC registrants


Registrants should closely monitor their filer status (i.e., non-accelerated, accelerated or large accelerated filer status) and whether they continue to qualify as a smaller reporting company (SRC), an emerging growth company (EGC) and/or a foreign private issuer (FPI). These determinations are largely based on tests at the end of a registrant’s second fiscal quarter (i.e., 30 June 2022 for calendar-year registrants). Changes in status could have reporting implications in areas such as filing deadlines for periodic reports, the timing of adoption of deferred accounting standards and whether auditor attestation for internal control over financial reporting is required.

Our Technical Line discusses the requirements for qualifying as an SRC, EGC, accelerated or large accelerated filer and FPI, the implications of gaining or losing a status and transition provisions, and reporting and disclosure requirements and/or accommodations.

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