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The Future of Supply Chain: getting to net zero, the new opportunity

In this episode of The Future of Supply Chain, we discuss net-zero carbon emissions and the circular economy with EY leaders Rae-Anne Alves, Velislava Ivanova and Jade Rodysill.

The pandemic has disrupted supply chains all over the world, proving them to be fragile and not nearly as resilient as they should be. As board-level discussions around cost and efficiency have evolved to also focus on resiliency and sustainability, it’s become clear that net-zero carbon emissions and circular economies are the next big opportunity for business.

In this episode of The Future of Supply Chain, we discuss these topics with EY Americas ESG and Sustainability Supply Chain Leader Rae-Anne Alves, EY Americas Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader Velislava Ivanova and EY Americas Chemicals and Advanced Materials Industry Leader Jade Rodysill.

Listen to Rae-Anne, Velislava and Jade as they discuss:

  • Key marketplace trends for supply chain sustainability
  • How regulatory action has added greater urgency around ESG and supply chains
  • Why circular economies and net-zero supply chains are important
  • What companies should do now, next and beyond

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


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