How to maximize the transformative power of next-gen data and analytics

In this episode of EY Microsoft Tech Directions, we explore ways organizations can leverage the full power of data and analytics, triggering truly customer-centric transformation.

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Podcast host Susannah Streeter welcomes Jim Little, EY Global Microsoft Alliance Lead, and Andrew Wilson, Chief Digital Officer at Microsoft. Together they discuss the exponential growth of data and analytics within the corporate sphere – how it will evolve, drive growth and elevate both customer and employee experience in the years ahead.

The drivers of this megatrend include consumer demand for direct relationships with brands, organization’s desire to understand their customers and employees better, and new and exciting data-driven strategies to scale business models.

The speakers discuss how, throughout this process, there will be a cultural shift towards the democratization of data. This will involve making real-time data directly accessible to end users, whether they are employees or even customers. End users will also have access to systems that can code and create on their behalf. 

In this exciting new environment, the role of the IT function may need to be reimagined, with humans managing the machines that manage the service, rather than having the direct, hands-on role they have today.

This recalibrated IT future operating model is likely to feature broadcasters, data scientists, change managers, coaches and employees capable of writing, measuring and delivering business cases.

Successful organizations will leverage third-party ecosystem data, as well as the data generated within their own four walls. Throughout this process of evolution, the goal will be to derive new experiences, new insights and ultimately better outcomes for customers, employees and stakeholders. 

Key takeaways:  

  • EY Tech Horizon survey reveals that 53% of companies are making data and analytics their top investment priority during the next two years. Leaders in the field are forecasting 43% greater revenue growth than laggards. 
  • Cloud can be key to success, giving organizations the transparency they need. Companies must have a clear view of their data model as well as clear management and governance systems and processes in place. 
  • Organizations must put humans at the center of their data strategy and that means being successful in the race for talent by developing a human-centered purpose that resonates with employees.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.

Andrew Wilson

Chief Digital Officer at Microsoft


Episode 8


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