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How intelligent automation underpins high-performing ecosystems

In this episode of the Think Ecosystem podcast, EY’s Thierry van Herwijnen and Simon Constance, global thought leader Ade McCormack and UiPath’s Sean Adee discuss intelligent automation’s unique challenges and opportunities.

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Podcast host Thierry van Herwijnen, EY Global Head of Sales, Intelligent Automation Alliances, welcomes Simon Constance, EY Global Head of IA Alliances, Sean Adee, UiPath VP of Global Partners and Ade McCormack, global thought leader on leadership, disruption and transformational matters.

Together they discuss the transformational power of intelligent automation (IA) and how it can be used as the connective tissue within high-performing ecosystems.

The panel discusses how, post COVID-19, the world is significantly more unpredictable. Companies need to adopt an innovation-based business model in which people and technology are integrated. Five-year strategies are now out-of-date before they even receive board sign-off, so companies need to be constantly alert and responsive in their approach, reorienting their operations based on events in real time. 

In this environment, the end-to-end automation of value chains, using tools ranging from chatbots to AI decisioning, can optimize ecosystem partnerships and dramatically futureproof business models. 

Key takeaways:

  • Intelligent automation is more than just technology to embed in your organization - it’s the connective tissue of an ecosystem, enabling business growth, customer advocacy and driving value.
  • Integrated technology has evolved beyond a cost-cutting measure, and successful organizations view it as a core component of executing their business strategies.
  • Those neglecting to leverage the full potential of intelligent automation within their organizations will find themselves left behind as their competitors reap the benefits.

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Episode 3


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