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Disrupting eDiscovery: How new platforms are changing the future

In this webcast, EY and Microsoft panelists discuss topical issues relevant to regulatory compliance and litigation that affect businesses worldwide.

As more organizations leverage more diverse and sophisticated collaboration tools to communicate internally and externally, new challenges in eDiscovery may arise. These applications may contain potential evidence in litigation, internal investigations and compliance matters. Companies like Microsoft have platforms to support the end-to-end eDiscovery and investigation routines. These platforms are growing in sophistication and power but don’t always meet all needs. 

In this webcast, we will:

  • Identify how teams are using platforms and supporting tools to run their eDiscovery and investigation operations
  • Discuss capabilities and limitations of platforms that often come forward when dealing with large data volumes, disparate data sources, case management as well as more sophisticated reviews
  • Understand ways to evaluate tools in regard to current processes; how to consider adoption and process modelling to build broader capabilities within these platforms; and when to consider supplemental tools and practices in a given work context


CPE credits: 0.0
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