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How Cybersecurity Managed Services enables business transformation

In this webcast, panelists discuss how a managed services approach to cybersecurity can protect a business, while enabling the kind of enterprise-wide trust that is required for real business transformation.

10 January 2023 | Tuesday, 14:00 GMT | 1 hr

Companies are facing difficulties keeping pace with increasingly sophisticated, organized and equipped threat actors. Complex cross-border regulations and a talent crisis are compounding the challenges and broadening the cyber threat landscape.

In this webcast, we will explore how taking a managed services approach to cybersecurity enables cyber safety to be considered upfront as part of business strategy and operations rather than as a reactive cost in a crisis. We will also provide insights on how the approach can free up time, space and resources for leaders to prioritize growth and innovate at pace.

Topics discussed include:

  • How the current climate is compounding the risks associated with cybersecurity
  • The myriad of pressures that businesses now manage through to stay ahead of cyber threat
  • The case for a cybersecurity managed services approach to keep pace with ever-evolving technology and cyber trends and enable business growth
  • The four main areas of cybersecurity managed services delivery


  • Priya Fitch, Partner, Financial Services, Ernst & Young LLP


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