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How to solve the challenge of data interoperability in eMobility

In this webcast, panelists discuss the latest EY eMobility report tackling the critical role of data interoperability in scaling eMobility.

As the eMobility industry scales, the network of players becomes more complex and, by definition, more interconnected. But data generated by the component parts does not flow freely. Worries about cyber and privacy risks, and preserving competitive edge, get in the way of data sharing. And that blocks innovation and presents hurdles to mass electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Standardized data sharing will not only improve the overall EV driver experience but also bring about environmental and commercial value. Learn what it will take to make data interoperability work at a regulatory level and explore how a more collaborative and joined-up approach, made possible by the seamless exchange of data, could be the game changer the industry needs.

Insights to include:

  • Summarize the latest EY study on data interoperability including key findings and opportunities.
  • Understand why data interoperability is critical for the acceleration of the EV transition.
  • Identify key challenges and solutions to improve levels of data interoperability.
  • Learn more about the implications and challenges facing utility companies.
  • Discuss the current state of the market and future outlook from the utility perspective.


CPE credits: 1.0
Total duration: 1 hr


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