To grow, should you buy, sell or restructure?

Regardless of the answer, EY teams can help enable strategic growth and increase transaction value and speed in fast-changing markets. Our M&A consulting and divestiture strategy teams offer services from growth strategy and portfolio reshaping to M&A, separations, post-merger integration and restructuring.

Achieve long-term value through better deals

We know businesses in every sector need a strategic approach to M&A and divestitures, supported by deal technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics. We blend decades of sector and functional experience with globally connected digital, analytics and benchmarking, as well as diagnostic capabilities and methodologies to help you generate more deal value, whether you’re on the buy or sell side.

M&A insights

Quick Takes: Energy M&A drivers

Watch now to discover what's fueling mergers and acquisitions in the energy industry. Gain insights into the latest market dynamics.

Watch now: How AI can unlock value in M&A transactions

Mitch Berlin, EY Americas Vice Chair, Strategy and Transactions, shares how AI can bring speed and scale to the M&A process.

Divestiture insights

Strategies for successful corporate separations

Explore further to discover why the market is rewarding the shrink-to-grow model and to request the full report.

Watch now: How companies should think about divestitures

Andy Lorenzetti, EY Americas Sell and Separate Leader, shares how executives can use divestitures as a tool for strategic growth.

Need a competitive edge?

Realizing value fast starts with the right advice ahead of the deal. Contact our team to support your next deal and play smart.

Our latest thinking on M&A and divestitures

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CEO Survey: Focus on GenAI strategy to accelerate growth

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