What is the right balance between creating certainty and fair working conditions for employees, and providing the flexibility that businesses and investors want from an foreign direct investment perspective?

Sandeep Mishra Sandeep Mishra

Director, EMEIA Markets, Ernst & Young LLP

Market maker. Institution builder. Future thinker.

As a professional for over 25 years, Sandeep Mishra brings a rich and diverse perspective to the enterprise application of technology and sales. Leveraging his multidisciplinary, cross-sector and multicultural experience, Sandeep works closely with clients to co-create strategies and experiences to develop markets and drive growth.

Sandeep has invested 18 years in the development and sales of software products, and professional services, and has set up new lines of business.

Sandeep’s professional focus is on making markets for disruptive technology-enabled solutions, the platform economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution society.

He holds a postgraduate diploma in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineer degree.

He writes on alternate perspectives on disruption and technology, and he often engages in public forums to stimulate debate about future trends, and the convergence of industries and technology.

How Sandeep is building a better working world

Sandeep is passionate about stimulating debate and thinking about alternate scenarios, especially in the context of the confluence of a net-zero economy and a debt-free future for the youth, as well as the tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He is a strong advocate for the building of economic resilience in local communities.

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