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Our approach to Data and Insight-driven Transformation helps you modernize your data architecture and infrastructure to unlock business value. EY teams help you implement end-to-end enterprise data strategy and hyper automation to become an intelligent, trusted and transformation-driven organization.

If data is our new capital, will digital insights be our new currency?

Create a modern data and AI architecture that empowers your teams, improves experiences, evaluates risk, predicts trends, prevents fraud and drives business forward.

Harness data to drive decisions

EY teams help you embed data-centricity into decision-making and daily operations, empowering your organization to either transform the entire enterprise or start with discrete parts to rapidly deliver value.

Innovate and transform

In a rapidly changing market, EY teams help you innovate more quickly, to keep up with your customers and outpace competitors. Being driven by data and insights allows you to digitally transform with minimal risk.

Create long-term value

EY teams help you understand and leverage data transformation methods that can have a long-term positive impact on your customers, your people and society, as well as increased financial value.

Solution features and functionality

EY teams start with business issues and then help build the modern data and AI architecture companies need to move up the maturity curve, from data foundations to augmenting human intelligence with AI.

Traci Gusher
I drive analytics and AI-powered enterprises by enabling data-driven decisions.
Traci Gusher

EY Americas Data and Analytics Leader

Why EY

We are highly recognized by top-tier analysts who continuously position the global EY organization as a leader in technology consulting. From strategy to implementation, EY teams bring capacity and capability to help enable the use of enterprise data through the value chain, to deliver end-to-end transformations that meet companies’ strategic needs. By placing AI at the core, our Data and Insight-driven Transformation solution can help you create long-term value.

Alliance relationships

The alliances and ecosystem relationships with the following companies help us deliver high-impact data and insight-driven transformation:

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