Is Gen Z the spark we need to see the light?

Gen Z is different.

They are a generation that will not be put in a box. They defy labels. And they are here to challenge your perspective of the world.

Gen Z is shifting societal paradigms, creating new norms around activism, wellness, and success.

These seismic shifts bring major implications for businesses from both a consumer and employee perspective.

Businesses can better predict future trends when they look through the eyes of the generation that comes next.

EY 2021 Gen Z segmentation report cover
Marcie Merriman
As the global pandemic raged, Gen Z experienced the realities of economic, health, and social crises. Their response will define their generation.
Marcie Merriman
EY Americas Cultural Insights & Customer Strategy Leader

Every generation has a defining moment.

For Gen Z, that moment came in 2020 as they faced the worst health crisis the world has ever seen. Just as it was Gen Z’s time to take on the world, the world changed. 

The global pandemic challenged every single one of their assumptions. They grappled with mental health challenges, tried to become better allies in the name of social justice and sifted through uncertainty to reimagine their purpose.

So, how did this moment define Gen Z? It didn’t. Gen Z redefined the moment. See how.

What’s your strategy to outbake the competition?

The global pandemic has given every organization a new mandate around the customer journey and rapid acceleration of digital transformation. You need the right growth strategy mixed with the right customer experience to create the perfect recipe for what's now, next and beyond.

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