How customer experience programs bring value to your organization

People are switching brands for better experiences, not for what’s cheapest. Customer experience (CX) programs are a key growth opportunity.

Last year brought on a lot of concerns over the economy, with factors like inflation and changing consumer behavior. While a concern, change is also a great opportunity for new ideas to thrive. Design and innovation of new customer experiences are ways for businesses to meet and stay ahead of those changes. In an interview with Cheddar News, José Reyes, EY Americas Chief Creative Officer and Innovation and Experience Design Lead, discusses how customer experience (CX) programs, if done right, are critical to business growth.

People expect more from their experiences with brands, and they’re much more willing to shift for a better experience, not just a cheaper one. That willingness creates opportunities

Customer experience, or CX, is the exchange or the relationship between a person and a business. Like most relationships, some are trusted, some are transactional, and some are not trusted at all. A CX program is a way to orchestrate those relationships between marketing, acquiring new customers, loyalty, mining data, service, education and a product.


While some CX programs may disappear in the next year, that might be a healthy thing. Some relationships might not be working, or they might be getting stale.


“It’s a moment right now for companies to revisit and refresh,” Reyes said.


Through increased investment into experiences, brands are providing more meaningful engagement for their customers, whether that be through loyalty programs or an enhanced experience.


To aid in this process, leaders need to listen to their customers; listening to customers is a great way to know whether your programs are working. There are important KPIs such as retention and willingness to switch or stay, but a great customer experience, or a bad one, is felt immediately on the bottom line. 


As consumer spending habits change, organizations have an opportunity to design and invest in innovative new customer experiences. Cost is not the only factor in the consumer journey; people want a better brand experience. Companies have an opportunity for growth by listening to customers and meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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