EY Blockchain Analyzer: Explorer & Visualizer

As part of our blockchain platforms, the Explorer & Visualizer tool analyzes on-chain data for the entire history of a blockchain. With connectivity to the EY Virtual Analytics Infrastructure, it delivers an integrated investigation platform for risk management.

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As blockchain-enabled transactions continue to gain momentum, organizations require state-of-the art technology solutions and approaches to deliver confidence in reporting and identification of trends and anomalies in operational activity and performance. Obtaining and interpreting accurate on-chain data can be difficult for nontechnical users, and may lead to documentation and reporting errors.

EY Blockchain Analyzer

The Explorer & Visualizer tool allows users to access and visualize on-chain data for the entire history of a blockchain. It integrates search functionality with visualization technology to explore, track and analyze in-depth patterns and trends for on-chain data to improve management of legal, compliance, and fraud risks. 

A screenshot of the Explorer & Visualizer tool

Screenshot of the Explorer & Visualizer

The solution makes it possible for analysts, internal audit teams and forensics accountants to search for specific transactions, addresses and blocks to gather relevant information that can be used to help mitigate potential risks of inaccurate data and inefficient processes. It reduces the time it takes a user to understand on-chain activity. With connectivity to EY Virtual, we can deliver an integrated blockchain investigation platform for a wide range of risk management purposes.

The business benefits include:

  • Offers a reliable source of on-chain data
  • Provides easy-to-interpret visuals to communicate complex on-chain data in an accessible way
  • Allows for analysis of blockchain activities, such as cryptocurrency transactions
  • Improves management of legal, compliance and fraud risks 

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