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Ernst & Young LLP helps enterprises fundamentally shift their thinking on strategy and operations, transforming them into a competitive advantage to help improve top- and bottom-line performance.

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How a flexible supply chain raised the bar for the beverage industry

The client’s goal: better accommodate future growth, predict customer demands, and add agility to inventory and production lines. Learn how we did it.

06 May 2024 Craig Lyjak

Case study: Intelligent automation shifts a state agency into higher gear

In this case study, learn how a state agency used robotic process automation to serve its customers with speed and convenience.

14 Mar 2024

5 ways CMOs can create an agile operating model for sustainable growth

Explore 5 ways CMOs can create an intelligent, nimble operating model for sustainable growth.

24 Jan 2024 Sylvain Maquet + 2

Accelerating customer loyalty: leveraging trust, technology and data

Learn how companies can gain customer loyalty and trust through data insights.

30 Nov 2023 Patricia Camden + 1

5 levers to drive supply chain resilience in the telecom industry

Supply chain leaders have the tools to address telecom disruption and promote operational resilience and excellence. Learn more.

21 Aug 2023 Puneet Arora + 3

How global supply chain strategy is changing and what comes next

A multitude of challenges are reshaping the way COOs think about their supply chains, with resiliency and cost transformation leading the way. Learn more.

01 Aug 2023 Sumit Dutta

How supply chains benefit from using generative AI

What was once unimaginable is now possible with generative AI in real-life scenarios throughout the entire supply chain. Learn more.

27 Jul 2023 Sumit Dutta + 1

Three fundamentals to realize integrated supply chain planning

People, processes and data – three priorities leaders must address to realize integration and elasticity.

19 Jul 2023 Sachin Shetty

7 success factors to implement multitiered supplier collaboration

Adopt multitiered supplier collaboration to empower your supply chain in today’s complex business environment. Consider this for your business.

19 Jul 2023 Ehap Sabri

    Emerging technologies can help organizations to break down silos and turn cost centers into a competitive advantage


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