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COVID-19 enterprise resilience checklist

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Regulatory compliance management: key considerations

Track various regulatory notifications and announcements resulting into:

  • New compliance obligations
  • Change in existing obligations                                       
  • Stimulus to protect business
  • Issue revised policies inline with company’s strategy, philosophy and mandatory requirements
  • Manage communication with various stakeholder including employees, customers, vendors, regulators and investors in line with changing regulatory requirements considering provisions of existing laws
  • Assess business impact of short-term measures announced through regulatory changes
  • Scenario analysis from regulatory perspective for mid-term and long-term impacts of pandemic 

Assist business to assess impact of trade and pricing restrictions placed by various regulators and its impact on supply chain and business strategy.

  • Assist business in the event of client and vendors invoking their rights under the contract
  • Assist business in assessing regulatory / compliance implications of the key decisions to be taken with respect to employees
    • Pay cuts / lay offs / retrenchment
    • Rescinding job offers
    • Termination of temporary staff
  • Assist business in the event of investors invoking security and corporate law provisions or material adverse conditions of the agreements
  • Assist business in the event of financial institutions invoking insolvency and other banking regulations for recoveries

Review compliance governance, process and infrastructure effectiveness to deal with current pandemic situation and assist organization in plugging gaps in compliance programs.

  • Operate a new normal – a transformed compliance function focused on real-time monitoring and response, better enabled by technology and resources with deeper business and regulatory skills
    • Revamped compliance governance and compliance risk monitoring framework
    • Automate compliance management and monitoring
    • Manage compliance program by providing ongoing support