Transaction Advisory Services

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Valuation & Business Modeling

We help you advance your strategic, financial and tax agendas through corporate finance, the use of analytics and economic analyses. Our robust and transparent valuations and business models provide a solid foundation for the execution of corporate strategy and transactions. Here’s how we can help:

  • Corporate finance

    Helping you address key business issues through rigorous economic analysis and data analytics.

    • Employ data analytics to solve financial problems and achieve better business outcomes
    • Analyze the accretive or dilutive characteristics of your business units/assets to help optimize your strategic portfolio
    • Analyze the impact on value and risk of alternative complex transaction structures
    • Identify and quantify your business’ key value drivers
    • Bridge your strategic and operational imperatives by employing our leading-class business modeling capabilities
    • Identify opportunities to improve profitability through the application of product- and service-specific cost allocation methodologies
  • Capital allocation

    Providing independent advice to strengthen the mix of debt and equity in your company’s capital structure.

    • Provide capital structure analysis (credit models, debt capacity) to help identify capital needed to run the business and cash that could be invested to drive growth
    • Assist with profitability improvement by providing cost allocation methodology by product/services
    • Assist in the design of hedging programs to address your exposure to interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity price risk
    • Provide valuation analysis of complex financial instruments
  • Deal assistance

    Guiding you through deal value implications to help you better understand the impact on your business.

    • Carve-out financial statement models
    • Contingent consideration and option assessment and valuations
    • Pre-deal, sum-of-the-parts and value bridge analyses
    • Synergies assessment
    • Pre-deal EPS impact assessment
    • Closing procedures for hospitality and other real estate investment properties
    • Post-deal value tracking
  • Fairness opinions

    We work with corporate boards to provide independent value insights to mitigate legal risk and help enhance deal outcomes during buy-side, sell-side or related-party transactions.

    • Act as the independent, disinterested fairness opinion provider for the board of directors*
    • Assist in protecting board members from personal liability by helping them fulfill their fiduciary duty of being fully informed on a proposed transaction
    • Provide a detailed analysis of the proposed financial terms of the transaction and identify potential issues early in the negotiation process to help improve deal outcomes
    • Analyze the intrinsic value of the asset being obtained or surrendered in a transaction
    • Work with buyers to provide confidence that they are paying a fair price in a proposed transaction
    • Work with sellers to provide confidence that they are receiving adequate compensation in a proposed transaction
  • Economic advisory

    Helping you improve economic strategy, forecast more accurately and better manage your commercial and capital decisions.

    • Pricing
    • Demand forecasting
    • Customer behavior and demand analytics
    • Margin analysis and unit economics
  • Tax planning and financial reporting assistance

    Helping you with entity planning models to tie financial forecasts to products/services/geographies.

    • Accounting valuations (purchase price allocation and impairment analyses)
    • Tax valuations (asset and legal entity valuations)
    • Valuations for intra-company capital and asset transactions
    • Partnership valuations
  • Corporate real estate

    Offering a broad range of transaction real estate support capabilities that span your capital agenda.

    • Portfolio allocation — helping you optimize real estate footprint, dispose of excess real estate, while reducing operating expenses through organizational and facility management strategies
    • Valuation — including purchase price allocation of real property or portfolios for purposes of financial or tax reporting
    • Transaction due diligence (buy- and sell-side) — including lender, real estate M&A and real estate asset diligence, and transaction closing prorations
    • Transaction strategy and operations — including tourism and economic, risk and compliance, development, and entity and asset strategic advisory
    • Capital markets — including capital strategy/brokerage, property and real estate entity brokerage, raising equity capital

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